Wednesday, March 18, 2009

finally i my blog^^

wow.. is a new sem.. is a new beginning.. is a new life.. old things had pass n it seem a change in my life..
It tis short sem break of sem 2 ..i had din many things.. i had meet some of my fren n manage to date them out to chat.. applying our old, wonderful memories.. hwevery.. i feel sad .. coz same of my secondary fren say tat i had nt stay contact wif them 4 quite a long time..
they say i become proud n don wan to mix wif them as get to find new fren le..

i feel really sad n hurt.. i had never been blame as worst as such.. they seem don wan to msg me .. n stay contact wif me.. here.. i won like to say tat.. i doesnt mean tat.. n i had never forget all of u.. i juz really cnt contact n meet u all in once.. ^4 me .. whosover my fren .. eventhough i seldom meet u all.. bt all of the memories will forever store in my mind.. n i will never never forget u all.. n i am always the same n forever.. my attitude toward fren will never change.. n fren is always the same..^

ahya... in tis holliday .. i meet someone special.. n i had never ever think of both of us cn be together .. it seem dream comes true.. finally .. we ..........

ah.. tis is oso i gv someone my love fully.. n i wish my love is giving to the correct person..

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Chances in life said...

Finally and finally u updated ur blog,this sem must jia you lo..^^all the best to you..^^and congrat that u r finding ur true love yo..hehe^^Must treat her well yo..cannot bully her ya..haha^^
Erm,gd luck for this week mid term..^^