Wednesday, March 18, 2009

finally i my blog^^

wow.. is a new sem.. is a new beginning.. is a new life.. old things had pass n it seem a change in my life..
It tis short sem break of sem 2 ..i had din many things.. i had meet some of my fren n manage to date them out to chat.. applying our old, wonderful memories.. hwevery.. i feel sad .. coz same of my secondary fren say tat i had nt stay contact wif them 4 quite a long time..
they say i become proud n don wan to mix wif them as get to find new fren le..

i feel really sad n hurt.. i had never been blame as worst as such.. they seem don wan to msg me .. n stay contact wif me.. here.. i won like to say tat.. i doesnt mean tat.. n i had never forget all of u.. i juz really cnt contact n meet u all in once.. ^4 me .. whosover my fren .. eventhough i seldom meet u all.. bt all of the memories will forever store in my mind.. n i will never never forget u all.. n i am always the same n forever.. my attitude toward fren will never change.. n fren is always the same..^

ahya... in tis holliday .. i meet someone special.. n i had never ever think of both of us cn be together .. it seem dream comes true.. finally .. we ..........

ah.. tis is oso i gv someone my love fully.. n i wish my love is giving to the correct person..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

happy day

wooooohh... i feel happy ..really happy..  2day as my classmate celebrate my birthday..n actually bring surprise 4 me..

i thought 2day is 9 of dec.  n mine birth is on 10th..  n  i am in daren house discussing assignment..

n suddenly i notice more n more ppl gather there...   n i din kw  anything bout tat.. coz orange say they wan to go 4  supper..>>haizzz.. is really a cheater..  

then  when the time i go out ..they sing  birthday song n is quite a surprise 4 me ..huhh.. 
n after tat i receive many massage of greeting me..

thanks all of u .. i feel greatful..  ..

2day birthday celebration is nt only 4 me also 4 my good fren ..kynwen..   his birthday is delay as is on weekend..   n we both 2day are birthday boy..haha

n i am nw 18..  n no more teenage.. haha

as wish frm xue wei..   jia yu in study..       

thanks 4 other wish too..>>>^.^


Saturday, November 29, 2008

bad day

yesterday...having marketing test..
actually i had prepare well 4 tat test..  i had study the entire chapter tat the lecturer had giving..
bt before the test started..  i find myself nervous. . fearful.. of tat test..
nt as other test the i really had tat confident to do it..

during the test.. i feel really presure n lack of confident of wat i am doing...
actually i had read throught the whole chapter bt i din really pay full concentrate while reading it..

i knew wat is my weaknesses bt yet i still din avoid it.. 
this is wat i am saying .. am stupid  i..
the day i study 4 mine exam.. i could nt concentrate well.. i use to think of something else..  n as such .. i rite through other reading material ..doing other thing..  n dare also to watch movie....  actually i knw ..i am nt reading it as tat detail...  bt i take is as >> still a lot if time.. take it easy >> n the time were juz pass by...
huh.. so is rite to me to knew it....  i dit a big big mistake..  2 of the question.. i get it wrong..!!n it should be correct 4 me... coz i knw the rite answer bt yet i still get it wrong..

1 of the question is drawing  a drawing a diagram of market process.....
the time i answer tis question ..i din think properly n straight away give answer...of wat i knew is...  there is a "diagram" there.. n the note were juz  a process tat is strategic process...which juz tat of provided a drawing diagram...

so ...without further  thinking .. i drw out the diagram....

until i get home .. i suddenly thought wat  i din was a wrong 1... tis make sad n wrath..  as well as the other question ..  it should be correct . as i din n read it before bt yet..........................haizzzz..

bt today .. i was quite relieve frm tat kind of feeling as thinking ..wat a unless person as i 4 being tat stupid...   n tis was also my 1st time tat i had turn into such kind of "emotion".. n tis was also omy first time of being so care bout my test ..exam..  

thinking of happen..again..  i feel tat .. all kind  of hindrance n difficult..  >>behind is a plan , a way , a teaching frm god..  for me of wat i am  doing is in a rite way..

as i tell myself ..  i won let tis .. to defeat me again..   >> tis is wat i vow of..    

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

..busy day..

again i miss up.. on wroting blog
is really buzy n time juz pass by .. n nw the mid term test is coming very very soon//
hai... if there is 48 hour a day.. hw good it is..

sometime .. as i plan to do thing .. revision .. in the particular day ..
bt it has never go according to wat i plan..
because of the time..// haiz..

without acknowledge the time juz pass by..//
maybe as if i din nt plan of good manage in time..

GOD.. slow down the time ....///////

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

finally i wrote my blog

finally.. i begin my 1st blog.. here .. after my after my sem 1 break..
time juz pass by.. i cn feel tzt like everything juz suddenly pass by ... i could juz say.. time is precious..
nw is already sem 2..
actually those subject in sem 2 is more to memorising..juz like history...
one of the subject which i pay more attention in is web page design..
i like tis subject bt it doenst seem tat easy... coz i hate read especially facing the computer..
ah.....the wording is small n willl actually get u blur ...ah/..
bt it is quite interesting...
__hope i cant do well in tis subject..

Friday, September 12, 2008

computer study test

ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!!!! y .. y again i miss out something//.. y again i make careless mistake//...

one of the part in question2 is calculation.. n i get 2 answer it correctly.. but after the test i yelled loudly... coz i miss out the step of the calculation... wat a careless mistake made by me again... y again.... the lecturer always remind during the class... bt yet i still forget to calculate it out..

if i had the change to test again.... i will do a full n complete calculation for it..ahahahaahhahaha...

Monday, September 8, 2008

the first day having exam

my first subject test.. english.. 2day is my unforgetable day of being careless on answering the section C of my test.. i really hate myself on doing such mistake tat should be avoid in test.. a very simple question yet i din it wrong .. maybe i am too panic during answering the question.. but anyhw i din blame myself of being tat.. coz tis can be prove tat wat i had prepare is nt sufficient n my effort is nt enough.. i please to get tis as a punishment..